#001 COASToffice architecture

Maßstab 1:100 / ONE CHAIR : FOR HUNDREDS

Values such as compassion, solidarity, charity and responsibility are of existential importance to living in a global community. The design of our chair takes up this theme and is based on a change of scale. The miniature people face clearly in one direction, dem onstrating their resolution. Their determination to bring about changes.

Durch die Platzierung der Miniaturmenschen im M 1:100 wird der Maßstab des Stuhls verändert. Diese Modifikation der Dimension verändert sowohl seine Aussagekraft wie Wirkung. Er wird zu etwas „Großem“.

COASToffice architecture
Zlatko Antolovic / Alexander Wendlik

This chair is already sold. It went for 450.00 Euro!
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