#019 gharakhanzadeh sandbichler architekten zt gmbh


What a compromise in design!

Just to make it look like a common chair…

Let’s see what it would look like if there were no compromised decisions!

To straighten out the curves between seat and back legs and eliminate the strange details at the back of the chair.
Hey, we might have to live with three legs! In that case it never can whip on the ground. The back is much lower this way, more like an office chair…

Looks sharp!
And you still can sit on it!
This form is also implicating new possibilities to combine the pieces.

Team: gharakhanzadeh sandbichler architekten
(Feria Gharakahanzadeh, Bruno Sandbichler), Martin Huber, Roman Britschgi und
Peter Sandbichler.

This chair is already sold. It went for 300,00 Euro!