#036 INBO

Are you comfortable?

This spiky chair doesnīt look very comfortable at first sight. However, one will not be hurt by itīs appearance. We are in a very comfortable position in Western Europe, yet we should not close our eyes for the horrible situation the people in South African townships live in.
It is utmost wrong people are driven away from their homes for the need of space for the World Championship football.

The chair can be used as any other chair, but it looks good in a more spacious room as well. It will certainly be food for discussion, bringing people together as a result. It will constantly remind the owner of the mixed feelings we should have: How can we live in luxury and at the same time not forget the poverty a large part of the world population lives in?

The strength of the inhabitants is symbolized by the rubber sticks, they will allways straighten after being bent. Hesitation to take a seat on this chair is good, it will encourage thinking of the less fortunate.

Architect ir. Rodi van der Horst in association with Dickhaut Meubelwerk.

This chair is already sold. It went for 300,00 Euro!