#062 Conix Architects

Details make the difference

As an architecture & interior office we give great attention to simplicity and details. Details make the difference, even it they are not visible at first glance. This is why we chose to add a minimum of visual aesthetics to the ONO chair.At first sight it appears there hasnít been anything customized on the chair, until you take a seat. You will feel the difference in seating position compared to a standard ONO chair. We gave the chair a more relaxing angle.

Everyone will remember the garbage which might be stuck under the seat of a chair. We countered this by adding a rubber diorama to the bottom of seat, You might feel something awkward, at closer inspection you will see the total image. A miniature urban landscape is added to the bottom of the seat. Itís hidden, itís your little secret.


This chair is already sold. It went for 100,00 Euro!