#068 Arons en Gelauff Architecten

Ball posession

The World Cup in South Africa promises an abundance for both players and fans alike: pleasure and pain, victory and defeat, eternal fame and shameful dishonor. South Africa wins, reveling in the publicity and the economic prosperity the World Cup brings with it. For many residents of the townships of South Africa however, the World Cup means only loss. Johan Cruyff, a living soccer legend once said, ´If we´ve got the ball, they can´t score´. This is painfully true for the poor in the townships, who won´t be taking part in the World Cup. They won´t be getting the chance to score. They´re brushed aside and hidden from view. Some have even been forced to relocate, abandoning their shanty town shacks in the interest of the game.

We hope that the auction of the ONO chairs not only raises a large sum of money, but that the awareness it raises for the Langa Township and Guga S´Thebe Cultural Center will continue long after the hype surrounding the World Cup has subsided. The symbolism of our chair is obvious, but powerful none the less. For who can sit on this comfortable designer chair, with its air suspension, without contemplating oppression? The ruling class and those without hope? And social and economic ball possession?

Arons and Gelauff Architecs, Amsterdam


This chair is already sold. It went for 100, 00 Euro!