#069 Eva Jiricna Architects


My personal memories of South Africa are full of sun, light, colour and laughter. It is a vast country full of natural beauty inhabited by beautiful people who can dance, sing and laugh even when their daily lives are a struggle; and when they laugh, you know they laugh from their heart. I have seen breathtaking nature, I have seen cities some delightful, some depressing. I have seen shanty towns and the poverty of the people there, which breaks one heart.

I have met the rich and the poor, and it was these who impressed me most, with their capacity to find joy and creativity in life ranging from impressive sculptures in stone and bronze to amazing paintings by artists working with an incredible emotional strength drawn from the life and environment around them. There are sculptors who express themselves with an extraordinary talent using the objects and materials they have gathered from rubbish dumps : one can only imagine what they would be capable of creating, in more human conditions.

There are inevitably dark stories and difficulties in South Africa, and this chair is to celebrate everything and anything which is positive, colourful, free, able to fly, sing and smile, living for their own pleasure as much as anyone else. The symbol of the butterfly, new life bursting from the cocoon, is a symbol of everything South Africa represents to those who wish her and her people a bright and happy future.

As much as the chair serves the basic human need for support, the butterflies are as light as a wish so let us imagine that every time someone looks at the chair it makes a wish come true for the people of Langa Township. Let us imagine these little butterflies carrying the message of humanity to as many people as needed, to eliminate poverty in this most beautiful country with the most beautiful people there are.


This chair is already sold. It went for 350,00 Euro!